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The idea of cord cutting is no longer a temporary trend, it has become a way of life. To save money, people are dropping their contracts with large cable companies left and right with the intent to begin a life of antenna and streaming. This new wave of media consumption is now starting to show its teeth as competition grows beyond what was a three horse race between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Disney just announced that they plan to remove ALL content from Netflix and other outlets by the end of 2018 to start their own branded service which is fine and dandy, but there is a catch. Star Wars and marvel would not likely be a part of this new service.

Instead the executives have hinted at separate services for both Marvel and Star Wars. While they are in the planning stages of this move and no pricing and packaging plans have been announced, I for one am worried that Disney is starting to let their greed get in the way of my cord cut entertainment. I would absolutely welcome a Star Wars streaming service that houses the films, cartoons, documentaries, and more.

However, I am left to wonder at what cost this will be available and what cost would be too steep. This media giant will be doing similar things with ESPN-related content as they are one giant media conglomerate so how much are they about to get out of me. Could this end up being another $30/Month or more? You may be reading this and say "Surely Not!", but let's look at the details.

I don't think that a Star Wars fan would bat an eye at $10/month to get the Star Wars Stream assuming it has enough content to to satisfy demand and I would be fine with that price tag. But let's add on the ESPN element for those who are fans of both like many who listen to this podcast. I see no reason why they would allow Playstation Vue, SlingTv, and other services to carry their channels without a cost that will be relayed to the customer and I think it is reasonable that they may even eliminate their partnerships with them once they get up and running. I could easily see a $25/month price tag being applied to get the full sports package. Now we sit at an additional $35/month for the fans of Star Wars and Sports that would leave us with monthly bills growing and decisions to be made as to what gets cut from the media household budget. Does Hulu go? How about Netflix?

I know it is early, but viewers be wary of the giant that is Disney lurking in the shadows to steal your wallet. All I can hope is that I am wrong. I've been wrong before and, in this case, I would be more than happy to be wrong again.

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