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A Thank You To All

WOW! After a 12-hour marathon of a night, we can confidently reflect and say it was a monumental night for us and one we will not soon forget. From the moment that we arrived to set up at 2pm, we had the joy of interacting with hundreds of Star Wars fans from around the area.

It was a night full enjoyment as we got to see fathers with their children playing the original Nintendo Star Wars game and sharing in a tradition to pass down to the next generation. We witnessed friends and family camping outside of theaters for hours and passed the time just enjoying the moment and sharing the badge of honor that came with the wait.

There was something going on at every turn, from talking to cosplayers to giving away gift cards and prizes for correct answers to trivia questions (both sports and Star Wars!). We valued every opinion that was uttered over our microphones as fans awaited the movie and shared their hopes and expectations. Following the film, we began to digest the breadth and depth of the new movie in the saga and began dissecting it piece by piece all while enjoying feedback from those who had seen the movie. Thank you Xscape for providing us a soundproof Party Room so we could discuss intimate details of the new movie all while avoiding spoiling it for anyone waiting in the lines outside the door.

It was nothing short of amazing and the highlight of our Podcasting careers to this point!

The Force Sports Podcast just wanted to thank every single sponsor that helped make our Premiere Night special. We took great pride in talking with the moviegoers about your products, services, and events. Whether it was through monetary donations, gift cards, art, or products, you made this night happen for us and for the many Star Wars that came to Xscape Theater. The staff and management at the Xscape Theater was went above and beyond as they gave us everything we needed to have the night go on without a hitch.

Check out the Episode below that encapsulates the night and enjoy the interviews with fans as well as our reactions throughout the night.

Now to plan for the next big thing…what it will it be? Stay tuned to find out!!

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