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Win A Graflex Saber Kit by Donating to "Nerd Louisville"!

This year for the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we are going to be setting up at our local movie theater, Xscape Theatres, and we will be raffling off TONS of Star Wars merchandise, gift cards, gift baskets and much more. All of the money we raise during our event will go directly to a local charity organization called Nerd Louisville.

Nerd Louisville is a local charity organization that has done TONS of charitable work in the Louisville area, including sponsoring several different school trips for kids, donating laptops and iPads to local schools, donating gaming systems to local hospitals and tons of other awesome stuff!

We are very aware that many people who listen to our show do not live in the Kentucky area but would still like to donate and possibly win a prize.So here's your chance!

The Custom Saber Shop has graciously donated a Graflex 3.0 Saber Kit to give away to one lucky person who donates any amount to Nerd Louisville.

Entering is easy! You simply donate to Nerd Louisville via GoFundMe (Click Here), or through Nerd Louisville's website (make sure to Email proof to: if donating through Nerd Louisville's Website).

The money we raise during this online giveaway and at our live event will go directly to Nerd Louisville to help provide support to our local community through several different projects they are currently working on! This is a very unique organization as it also helps grow the "nerd" community here in Louisville, KY and we are so excited to partner with them! 

Here's how it works:  For every dollar donated, you will get that many entries. So, if you donate $10, you will get 10 entries. If you donate $3, you will get 3 entries. Even if you donate as little as $1, you will be entered to win & we will forever be grateful! It is so true that every dollar counts, especially for charity! 

Also - PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME OR EMAIL AS A NOTE so we can get in contact with you! 

Good luck and may the force be with you!

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